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Transtech Parallel Systems designs and manufactures embedded multi-processing products for OEM, end-user and scientific research applications and has been at the forefront of multi-processing systems since 1986.

The use of Transtech's commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products brings the systems integrator the benefits of reduced time-to-market and development cost. Transtech can also supply complete turnkey systems, assembled from our standard products, to your specification]

TM31 - PA Semi (PA6T-1682M) XMC module
PA Semi’s new PWRficient™ family of CPUs delivers ground breaking performance and efficiency: performance per Watt is up to 300% better than existing embedded computing solutions. The first PWRficient™ device – the PA6T-1682M – combines a pair of 2GHz 64-bit Power Architecture™ cores with AltiVec™ compatible VMX instructions, 2MB of on-chip L2 cache, dual DDR2-1067 memory controllers, and 24 high speed SerDes serial I/Os capable of supporting PCI Express, SGMII and XAUI. [more....]
TM7-LX5 - Universal Dual Xilinx Virtex 5LX PMC

The TM7-LX5  is a PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) based on Virtex-5 Field Programmable Gate Array technology (FPGA). The TM7-LX5 is an evolution of previous generation TMFXx modules. Advantages of the TM7-LX5 include new range of User FPGA and EM slots connected to them.

Included on the TM7-LX5 are three FPGA Virtex devices with the Virtex-II System FPGA used as a Control block to interface the TM7-LX5 module to the outside world. It can implement a Xilinx PCI-64/66 core or user defined interface. Serial PROM is connected to the System FPGA and is used to configure it at start up The FLASH memory also connected to System FPGA. [more....]

TPE5 PowerPC PCI card

The TPE5 PowerPC™ PCI card delivers an outstanding combination of computational and I/O performance in a compact, industry standard form factor. On its own or as part of a multiprocessing system, the VS145 is a powerful engine for embedded computing in industrial, military and commercial applications.

The TPE5 utilises a third generation PowerPC™ G4+ CPU - the Motorola MPC745x family. This device has a highly advanced superscaler architecture to delivering exceptional integer and floating point performance. [more....]

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